My passion for gelato dates back to long time ago: when I was a child, I loved to make gelatos without following any recipes. My mom and my sister were puzzled looking at me while I created my new recipes using an old  ice-cream maker and all kinds of pots, pans and kitchen utensils. Gelato was absolutely my favorite food! 

For my experimentations I was inspired by different models: family recipes, ancients, eastern and traditional ones from all around the world… If you are lucky, just like me living the childhood in the countryside, you can have trees as friends and you can play with them. My favorite game was to climb up the almond tree, it was the only one of the entire orchard. I used to settle on the hardy branches and I picked up its flowers: I was attracted by their perfume like a bee with honey…. I had to eat them! I took off all the petals one by one and I tasted the nectar from the pistil. From that discovery came my idea to make an almond flowers gelato cream. In my imagination and in  my Lab, all the ingredients link to each other in an original way: the toasted almonds with green cardamom, chocolate with tobacco leaves, black rice with rosebuds…. feelings, smells and memories of my childhood all blend together to create a new reality. 

Every day in my career I’m motivated by the same curiosity: finding a new original flavor that will take me back to my magic childhood and its sweet path of discovery.


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